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    • 3 Co-Parenting Tips to Protect Your Interests

      Everyone struggles with parenting, even married couples. This is why it makes it that much more difficult to parent when a couple gets divorced or separated. Sharing custody between two homes can ...

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    • About Child Custody Laws in California

      The judges evaluating any custody cases in California must consider the best interests of the affected child. They must conclude how separating parents should share their time with their children. ...

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    • How to Create a Parenting Plan

      When parents get divorced or separated, they must create a “parenting plan” that outlines how their children will be cared for and where they will live and spend their time. This written agreement ...

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    • Expectations vs. Reality: Divorce Edition

      Expectations vs. Reality: Divorce Books, movies, television shows, celebrity couples, and even our friends and family members that have gone through a divorce have created an image of what divorce is ...

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    • Should You Get a Divorce?

      Coming to terms with the fact that you’re in a bad marriage is a hard pill to swallow. The warning signs may have just started, or maybe they’ve been there and you just didn’t notice before. ...

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