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Is entering into a Cohabitation Agreement right for you?

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In this day and age, not everyone chooses to get married. This may even be a pragmatic decision, considering that divorce rates are higher than ever. As marriage may not be the most desirable option for some, people may cultivate lasting relationships with their partners for many years. Therefore, it's essential you are both protected when it comes to matters regarding your property, finances, and more. If you and your loved one are seeking a cohabitation agreement to protect your futures, look no further for a Marina Del Rey lawyer than our firm, Marmolejo Law, APC.

Cohabitation agreements are legal agreements reached between couples who seek to clarify and finalize their positions on a number of issues which may arise in a relationship. They are legally enforceable and seek to protect against financial ruin or the loss of support which was promised. In the event of a breakup, these agreements may avoid altercations.

Cohabitation agreements can cover a number of critical issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • How to divide shared living expenses
  • Financial support in the event of a breakup
  • Child support in the event of a breakup
  • How to divide debt
  • How to divide personal expenses

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