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Visitation Rights

Los Angeles Visitation Rights Attorney

Securing Visitation Rights for Parents and Children in Marina del Rey, CA

Divorce is difficult, especially when there are children involved. While the courts strive to put the child’s best interest first, it is important that you go into court prepared to defend your rights as a parent. Each parent plays an important role in their children’s lives, but the legal system can be intimidating and the burden of preparing for your custody case overwhelming. This is why it is important that you hire a family law attorney who has experience handling visitation rights cases.

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Building a Solid Case for Your Visitation Rights in California

California state law and family code allow noncustodial parents to file for visitation rights after a divorce, but it is important to build a strong case before the courts will grant you visitation. Most frequently, visitation rights are granted when it's in the best interest of the child.

Types of Visitation Rights in California

There are 3 main types of visitation rights that can be sought in the State of California. These include:

  • Scheduled Visitation: This sets a detailed plan in place to help prevent any confusion or conflict. Dates, times, special occasions, vacations, and holidays are all planned out in advance.
  • Reasonable Visitation: This is a more open-ended plan where both parents can collaborate to reach a schedule that works for them and their children. This offers more flexibility but often only works for individuals who work well with each other without conflict.
  • Supervised Visits: In cases where a child's safety may be in question, visitation can be supervised by a professional, yourself, or another responsible adult. This type of schedule is also used when parent and child are unfamiliar with each other.
  • No Visitation: When visitation is not in the best interest of the child, or would cause either physical or emotional harm, you can petition for the other parent to have no contact with the child.

Because filing for visitation rights is such a complex process, it is important to hire an attorney with extensive experience. At Marmolejo Law, APC, we have handled numerous cases involving visitation rights and will advocate for you in court.

What does Child's Best Interest Mean in Family Law?

The state of California determines the best interest of the child by taking into account a number of factor that include:

  • The safety and welfare of the child.
  • Any history of parental abuse by one or both parents, either parents' cohabitant, or current spouse.
  • Amount of contact with each parent.
  • The habitual or continual use of drugs or alcohol by either parent.

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Attorney Diane Marmolejo is dedicated to helping you ensure that your child’s best interests are put first and that your visitation rights are protected. Many people become overwhelmed by the complexities of divorce and custody proceedings, but you are not alone. Our visitation rights law firm in Marina Del Rey is always available and we will make you and your case our priority.

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