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The process of divorce is difficult. Not only is divorce emotionally trying, but management of the legal proceedings can be very confusing. To navigate a divorce case, you need advice from a trusted Culver City legal source as well as the support of someone who understands what you are going through.

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Marmolejo Law is just that: and experienced legal team and a confidant. Our Culver City divorce attorney, Diane Marmolejo, brings a personalized and collaborative approach to her practice. She doesn’t just want to know your case, she wants to know you too.

Our Devoted, Sensitive Approach

At Marmolejo Law, we craft our strategy around your wants and needs. Our Culver City divorce attorney will work with you to understand how you would like to proceed, providing guidance and knowledge along the way. Our team is well versed in a number of different legal methods, including mediation, depositions, interrogatories, and settlements. We will work to approach the case in the way that best satisfies you and your interests.

We also practice in the following divorce-related areas:

A divorce can involve a number of different factors, and this is especially true for couples who have children under the age of 18. With our comprehensive divorce practice areas, we aim to be your guide through each stage of the divorce process.

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At Marmolejo Law, we pride ourselves on being readily available for all of our clients. We are here to provide support, answers, and advice when you need it most. Open communication is necessary to offer personalized strategy and guidance during your case.

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  • Counsel that is always available, readily accessible, and has a fast response rate

  • A collaborative approach, yet willing to litigate when necessary

  • Insight from volunteer work with the Sojourn Domestic Violence Clinic for restraining order and protection matters

  • Legal and emotional understanding and compassion for emotionally charged issues