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Healthy Habits to Pick Up During Your Divorce

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Divorce may be a turbulent time: your marriage is in the process of dissolution, and your emotions may be complex. Developing healthy habits to act as coping mechanisms can help you begin your new chapter following your divorce.

Staying Active

While it seems like common advice, staying active really can help you feel better. When you exercise, you release endorphins, which gives that euphoric feeling you may experience. Endorphins can cause you to feel much better, and release can be achieved by cardio, weight lifting, and moderate exercise.

Not only does exercising release endorphins and provide that positive mood boost, but it can cause you to sleep better and boost your energy levels.

Staying Involved with Friends

While you may not want to see your friends as often as you divorce, the support of friends can benefit your mental wellbeing during this transitional time. According to the Mayo Clinic, friendships can increase your sense of purpose, which may dip a little low during your divorce.

You may not need to go on a girls’ night four times a week, but meeting friends for coffee, meals, exercise, or taking a lifestyle class can help boost your mood and ultimately help you develop new friendships and traditions after your divorce.

Seeing a Therapist

Beginning or continuing therapy can benefit you in the long run. With the help of a therapist, you can process your emotions about your divorce and prior marriage, which may help you in future relationships. Your therapist can also help you develop coping skills for when your feelings about your divorce may just seem like too much. You may not need to see a therapist forever, but beginning therapy while undergoing a divorce can help you manage your feelings as you leave your marriage.

Practicing Mindfulness

Along with seeing a therapist, practicing mindfulness can help you during your divorce. When your emotions regarding divorce become overwhelming or begin to impact your life and relationships, acknowledging these feelings and then implementing a coping mechanism can help increase your self-awareness.

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