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Can Social Media Impact a Divorce?

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Social media is in our lives, and it's here to stay—regardless of whether we like it or not. No matter what stage of the divorce process that you are in, it's crucial to understand how your social media is impacting your case.

Read on to learn more about how social media can affect your divorce.

How Social Media Affects Divorce

What you share online has the power to be used as evidence for alimony, child custody, property division, and child support matters. Social media during a divorce can:

  • Prove that a spouse is lying about their financial status
  • Reveal hidden assets
  • Demonstrate a parent as unfit for custody if there is proof of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Ruin the chance for an amicable divorce

Social Media Precautions to Take Before, During, and After a Divorce

Keep these tips in mind throughout the divorce process when it comes to your social media:

  • Don't talk negatively about your ex: It may be tempting to speak ill of your soon-to-be-ex on social media, but you should try to resist the urge. If you have posted something already that could be used against you, take it down.
  • You don't know who could be combing through your digital life: Make sure your social media profiles are set to private. Then go through your friends' list and delete anyone that could potentially create problems in your case or could provide information about you to your ex.
  • Speak to people in person: Social media may be a way for you to update friends and family on what's happening, or it's a place for you to vent and cope. But remember, it's never a good idea to post anything about your divorce on social media. Regardless of why you use social media, it's best to take a break from sharing online during a divorce and instead speak about these matters in person. Turn to your friends, family, trusted colleagues, and legal counsel for support.
  • Be careful about posting on social media after a divorce: After the divorce is final, you might still want to be more cautious about what you post. If you don't have kids, it's still not wise to post negatively about your ex. You likely have mutual friends that could relay information back to them. While this won't impact your divorce order, it could be used in the future if either you or your ex wants to modify the terms. However, if you do have kids, you will want to stay civil with your ex online. Remember, your social media is a direct reflection of your parenting and your children's lives. If you post something that could be negatively perceived as bad parenting, your parental rights could be challenged, or custody could be modified.

When in doubt, refrain from posting on social media. If you have questions about how you or your spouse's social presence is impacting your divorce, please Marmolejo Law, APC is here to help. Our team can examine the details of your case and provide you with the guidance you need to get through this challenging time. Don't hesitate to contact us with your family law needs right away.

Call the Marina Del Rey lawyers at Marmolejo Law, APC today at (310) 736-2063 to speak with a skilled divorce attorney about your case or contact us online.

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